Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I share my calendar with a team?
    1. Open appropriate page:
      1. If you are invited to a team, open invitation link and sign-in
      2. If you are editing existing team, open the team and click "Manage team"
    2. Select calendar from the dropdown if it was already imported
    3. If appropriate calendar was not yet imported, then select "Import new calendar"
      1. For adding Google Calendar, click "Continue with Google"
      2. For adding Microsoft Office 365 Calendar, click "Continue with Microsoft"
      3. For adding Apple Calendar:
        1. Click "Import iCalendar feed"
        2. Follow Apple iCloud instructions Share a calendar on and copy link, which starts with
        3. Put this link into input field in the popup
        4. Click "Import"
      4. For adding Microsoft Exchange Calendar:
        1. Click "Import iCalendar feed"
        2. Follow Microsoft instructions Share your calendar in Outlook on the web "Publish your calendar" section, and copy an ICS link
        3. Put this link into input field in the popup
        4. Click "Import".
  2. Will changes in a source calendar be synchronized?

    Yes. If source calendar is changed, e.g. new event is created, the change is automatically synchronized into Orglio. Synchronization process might take few minutes.

  3. Will other users see all details of my calendars?

    Orglio does not import, and therefore does not display such event details as location, attendees, meeting agenda and description.

    Events names display policy is configurable at the moment when calendar is added to a team or an invitation is accepted. This checkbox is de-selected by default, so event names are invisible by default unless configured otherwise by calendar owner.

    There are scenarios when event names might not be displayed even if they are configured to be visible. This can happen, for example, if:

    1. Specific event was configured as "private" in source calendar
    2. iCalendar (ICS) publishing setting in source calendar were configured in a way that does not expose event names.

    Events timing (start and end time) and status (accepted, tentative) are always available for all team members.

  4. How much does it cost to use Orglio?

    Orglio is in beta-testing, so usage is free of charge. This might change in future.